A Warning to Local Cyclists…

The town of Bethany Beach has stepped up enforcement of laws pertaining to cyclists.  An article published today in the Delaware Wave has more details on the towns proactive approach to ensuring the safety of cyclists out on local roadways.  Written warnings will be issued for failure to obey traffic signals, failure to ride with the flow of traffic, and failure to use hand signals, among other things.  Repeat offenders will be fined.

We appreciate the towns effort with respect to safety and encourage all our customers and renters to obey the laws at all times.  For more information, check out the Delaware Wave.

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Finally! The Sun Spider AT is now in stock!

The highly anticipated Sun Spider AT beach cruiser has finally arrived here at Bethany Bike Shop. Since our first post about this bike we’ve gotten calls from as far away as India about it! We put the first one together than everybody that’s ridden it has loved it so far. We have 2 and they are going to go fast. Get down here and see this thing.

Check out these pictures and call the shop if you have any questions.

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The Jamis Hudson 1

Looking for a bike that combines the best aspects of Jamis’ cruisers and hybrids?  Look no further than the Jamis Hudson 1.  All new for 2011, the Hudson is designed to offer a comfortable riding position to save your back and let put both feet flat on the pavement when you need to.

The Hudson 1 comes with a 7 speed Shimano drivetrain and a super comfortable seat.  If you’re looking for the next step up from a cruiser to increase the length of your rides, we recommend giving the Hudson 1 a try.

We have both men’s and women’s models in the shop in black and green.  Come by and take one for a test drive!


Jamis Hudson 1

Jamis Hudson 1 - Men's 2011 Model

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